Ladies who have been asked to be bridesmaids have a special responsibility to make their friend’s wedding day as carefree as possible. In turn, the bride shouldn’t make her friends purchase unflattering dresses or dresses that they’re never going to be able to wear again.

Many brides are following the latest trend and letting their bridesmaids choose their own dresses. By giving your friends general style and color options, they can select dresses that will fit with the theme of the wedding as well as a style and specific color shade that is most flattering to them. One way to make your bridesmaids particularly happy is to have them select short bridesmaid dresses.

Short bridesmaid dresses come in a multitude of colors, styles, embellishments and even necklines. Stacee has an enormous collection of short dresses to choose from, just click here and you’ll see. Give your friends a color scheme and they can opt for a beautiful dress that suits their personality, fits their bank account, and that they’ll be comfortable wearing again.

An additional benefit of letting your attendants choose their own dresses is the variation and flair the different styles will bring to the ceremony. And, your friends will feel more special because of their personal contribution to the look and feel of your big day.

So go ahead and trust your best friends. They won’t let you down and they’ll feel and look beautiful in their dresses. Finding a great dress on their own will really make a difference for that special night and feeling beautiful is a big part of having fun and dancing the night away.